Building Your Voice of Confidence

Never doubt your vocal ability again. Lead, speak and sing with a strong confident voice. Leave insecurity, uncertainty and unreliable vocal cords behind. 

– MARIAN KING (@mazking



MaZ Mentors

All leaders need someone to believe in them and call out their greatness. Creative leaders are often misunderstood and deemed as difficult simply because they’re not like others.

Marian relishes the challenge of mentoring specialised creative leaders through their endeavours, helping them gain insight and awareness of themselves in the process.

You’ll benefit from her experience of directing creative teams, projects, artists, church leaders and community youth events  and working with giants in the secular music industry. Her cultural experience stretches from Sydney and rural New South Wales to Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and cities all over Europe. 

She is one the greatest cheerleaders of others that I know. Marian delights in seeing others reach their full potential.


MaZ Sings

Singing is one of Marian’s earliest memories, family tales say that she sang before she spoke.

When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up “SING” was always the answer, it is absolutely central to who she is. She is a skilled and passionate performer across many genres and settings. 

She has studied classical instruments and voice, everything from Opera to Rock.

As a University student, she discovered a passion for vocals after studying with the formidable Bob Tasman-Smith, which fuelled her desire to learn how to assist others in rebuilding broken voices, which has become a hallmark of her professional life. 

Marian has a high level of skill and talent in the areas of live performance [...]
[she] understands how to bring out the best in other vocalists when producing vocals in a live or studio setting.



Drawing from her experience of leading creative teams, events and projects in Sydney, followed by a grand adventure working with leadership and youth events all over Europe, Marian has supported teams of all kinds and sizes. Marian has been working with senior leaders and creative teams across several continents for decades. 

She has seen great growth and results with teams she has been able to journey with over a period of time.

She is adept at working on creative events and projects of all sizes and budgets and always works with her clients to tailor to their specific needs and desired outcomes. 

Marian is a constant source of creativity.
She is real asset to have on any production team and is able to add innovative ideas and creative goals.


MaZ Speaks

Marian has always sought significance over prominence. Whenever she speaks it is with the aim to build, teach & encourage, whether it is done over a coffee, via Zoom, at a team or staff meeting or at your conference or event. 

Vocal coaching , one on one sessions, keynote speaking, all aligns around one purpose: to build vocal confidence for clients of all backgrounds levels and experiences.

Marian has been a great asset in helping coach and train our worship teams across our campuses.

Marian carries both a passion for music and an exceptional level of professionalism towards it.
Her teaching and guidance to our team has been an absolute blessing.

Marian King is a one of a kind vocal coach. Her experience flows into her vocal sessions leaving you feeling
comfortable, educated and fired up for your passion for singing!