Meet Marian King, AKA SingingMaz

Marian King grew up in Sydney, Australia in a home focused on serving others. As a Pastor’s kid, she sought out a very different life in the creative arts world, but always with a focus on her calling over her career.

She has studied classical instruments and voice, everything from Opera to Rock.

She is passionate about helping you strengthen, master and rebuild your voice. 

Wether you call her Marian, SingingMaz or MaZ she’s the Mumma of Music who loves all things RED…

I'm happiest when I'm singing & empowering others by building their voice of confidence!

- Marian King

Rebuild and Produce

As a University student, she discovered a passion for vocals after studying with the formidable Bob Tasman-Smith, which fuelled her desire to then learn how to assist others to rebuild broken voices, which has become a hallmark of her professional life. 

Marian King has always been at home performing in all kinds of venues locally, nationally and then eventually globally. 

Her big dreams saw her running a host of different types of creative teams, events and projects in Sydney, followed by a grand adventure working all over Europe while based first in Sweden and then in London, working for giants in the secular music industry.

She has spent over two decades producing large-scale and seminar events, TV shows, guest lecturing, singing and building creative teams in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Spain, Holland, Singapore and the United States before relocating back to Australia and finding home on the Gold Coast.



In recent years, she has been working behind the scenes while raising her family and supporting her husband while he worked with some multinational charities on a variety of continents, Marian’s focus continued to be on mentoring generations of creatives all across the globe.

She embarked on a new journey of becoming an ordained ACC Pastor while in the role of Creative Pastor of a thriving church.

She now continues working with key leaders and their teams across a wide variety of churches.

Her belief is that there should be no separating of the sacred and the secular as our spirituality is core to who we are. 

Marian King is happiest when she is singing and empowering others by building their voice of confidence!

Marian King’s full name is Marian Leah King Edeborg or Marian King Edeborg if you skip her middle name.
She changed her name when she got married to Christer whilst wearing a red dress and white cape in Sydney 2002.
How she met Christer in 2000 is a whole different story that you can explore on the story could be told very quickly:

Christer & Marian King Edeborg met through work and got married on June 29, 2002.

But then you’ll miss the fact that he was in Sweden and she was in Australia, and the moose dance in the forrest, and the trips all over the world, and… all the rest!

So enter this amazing true-life lovestory, told by the lovers’ themselves, accompanied by comments from friends and family.

It’s a story in five segments: “The Beginning” / “You’ve Got Mail” / “Welcome to Los Angeles” / “The Asking God Moments” / “The Proposal and the Wedding Planning”.

Since then Marian & Christer have lived in Malmö, Sweden, London, United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia, Uppsala, Sweden before moving to the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. 

Marian tells the beginning of the story like this: 

“I was on my way to live in Sweden. I believed God had called me to go to Europe and bring life, training and encouragement to Christians, and to see God being made famous once again right across the face of Europe. Making an eternal impact on European culture.” 

Recently Marian King performed as Queen of Hearts in the Storytellers Co production “Alice in Wondergram” – in the Dance Informa review by Linda Badger she was described as “mid-career artist Marian King as the Queen of Hearts was a scream a minute as her high energy, dominating Queen made appearances.’